Lessons from Fintechs: Ethics as a Key Business Driver

Teamspirit, Holborn Gate, 326 - 330 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7PP
08:30 for 09:00 until 10:30



Fintechs continue their challenge to the status quo with great ideas harnessing the latest tech to deliver original new products to the market. They also understand a new shiny product is not enough. So, brands are positioning themselves as responsible businesses aware of the demands of their customers to behave responsibly and deliver ethical products.

A year on since Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock, called on global business to make a positive contribution to society, this event will explore the extent to which ethics and responsible business is now a key business driver for fintechs.

From challenger banks introducing gambling blocker features, to a new breed of data led asset managers that assess performance and sustainability, we will examine the motivations and expectations of users and investors that is taking ethics in finance mainstream.

The panel will discuss how fintechs are leading the way in responding to their customer base. They will argue that ‘good’ business is not just good business sense, but a business necessity that established players cannot ignore.

Speakers include:

James Lawson, Co-Founder and Partner, Tribe Impact Capital

Ciaran McCale, Head of Media and Communication, Arabesque

Sarah Williams-Gardener, Head of Public Affairs, Starling Bank

Christos Tomaras, Corporate Finance Director, Jumo

Chair: Fiona Couper, Business Development and Marketing Director, Teamspirit

Ciaran McCale

Ciaran McCale

Head of Media and Communications


Fiona Couper

Fiona Couper

Business Development and Marketing Director


James Lawson

James Lawson

Co-Founder and Partner

Tribe Impact Capital

Sarah Williams-Gardener

Sarah Williams-Gardener

Public Affairs

Starling Bank

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