Lessons from Fintechs: Ethics as a Key Business Driver


Businesses are alive to notion that responsibility and profitability are wholly complimentary.

The consumer cares more than ever before about how business invest their money, their approach to the environment and whether they behave responsibly.

But if businesses are just cynically jumping on the bandwagon, they will be found out and a further step on the ladder of broken trust. The consumer is much savvier, with unparalleled access to information than ever before.

Real change is driven from within and the new breed of start-ups are leading the way.

In this session we hear from those leaders that are driving their businesses forward on an ethical agenda rooted from within.

Speakers include:

James Lawson, Co-Founder and Partner, Tribe Impact Capital

Ciaran McCale, Head of Media and Communication, Arabesque

Buhle Goslar, Chief Customer Officer, Jumo

Sarah Williams-Gardener, Head of Public Affairs, Starling Bank

Chair: Fiona Couper, Business Development and Marketing Director, Teamspirit

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