Knocking Down the Barriers


In this session we look at ‘Agile transformation’ and hear about real examples of how it can be implemented to change your work practices. This is not about the Mckinsey theory but the practical application that goes to the heart of how you can affect real change in your business thinking and structures. How to go from a command and control structure to a de-centralisation of power and breaking down of silos. This is a radical, top down structure that delivers value, increases productivity and quality. We will hear from leaders in the private and public sectors and how real change has been implemented.


Speakers Include:

David Holton, Director, Corporate Propositions, Pensions & Investments, Scottish Widows

Matt Hopgood, VP Experience Strategy and Digital Transformation Lead, SapientRazorfish

Phil Young, formally Head of Digital, Transport for London

Tim Hurles, Consulting​ ​Partner, Globant


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