Investment Pathways: A Marketing Opportunity?


The introduction of Investment Pathways presents new marketing challenges for pension providers, but also the opportunity for consumers to better understand their retirement options. How will this change the retirement landscape and what do marketers need to be aware of? This session will cover:

  • How marketing teams will need to consider the advised as well as direct-to-consumer distribution messaging and promotion in accordance with new FCA rules.
  • How marketing teams can harness the government-funded promotion that Investment Pathways offers, embracing its central messaging and using it to engage and help their own customers to understand their retirement options using this fundamental new introduction to the retirement landscape.
  • The importance of understanding the MaPS tool, including its scope and the drivers behind its introduction – which will now be central to consumers’ retirement landscape – and benefitting from the insights this could bring.

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Pete Glancy, Head of Policy for Pensions Investments, Scottish Widows

Chair: David Cartwright, Senior Consultant (Wealth & Protection), Defaqto

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