Interest-Only. Separating Fact from Fantasy


Interest-Only. Separating Fact from Fantasy. The interest-only 'time bomb' has been sensationalised, say some. With stricter checks now in place, there is a role for responsible interest-only lending. Not so fast say others. The boom years of interest-only have a lot to answer for. Many thousands of borrowers are without adequate plans to repay their debt. At best they remain ?mortgages prisoners? while property prices remain flat, but at worst many could enter retirement with outstanding mortgages and face the prospect of losing their home. We debate the facts about interest-only, with a major UK lender, and an intermediary perspective, to balance business opportunities with social policy implications.

Speakers Include:

Dennis Readman, Consumer Credit Risk Director, Barclays Bank

Robert Sinclair, Chief Executive, Association of Mortgage Intermediaries

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