Innovation in Wealth Management: Out of Adversity Comes Opportunity

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Economic and regulatory conditions have made times difficult for wealth advisers and their clients. Nonetheless, as Founding Father Benjamin Franklin said, ?out of adversity comes opportunity?. Such is true in wealth management and several innovations have emerged that are set to become the next generation of customer proposition. On-line peer-to-peer lending platforms, which will be regulated from April 2014, give customers far superior returns on cash-like products, compared with returns from traditional providers. The digital channel, more broadly, also looks set to give customers more convenience to help with their financial affairs and is expected to boost engagement and advocacy. Now is the time for wealth advisers to embrace these innovations, give customers more value and stand out from the competition.


Speakers Include:

John Elder, Partner, Family Office Advisors LLP (Chair)

Ben Snowman, Head of Product, RateSetter

Matia Grossi, Senior Analyst, Private Wealth Management, Datamonitor

Amit Bisaria, Head of Investment Development, Wealth, Lloyds Banking Group

David Cooke, Chief Investment Officer, Saltus Rhydian Lewis, CEO, RateSetter

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