FS Martech 2020 (Digital Conference): Getting to Grips With the Marketing Tech Stack


The countdown to the Financial Services Forum's first ever digital FS Martech event has begun!

Financial services marketing is in the throes of a digital transformation: analytics, emerging technologies and social media platforms have all revolutionised the field. With technology changing customers’ expectations and behaviours, marketers are battling to manage how, where and when they should interact with their consumers, and furthermore to pinpoint the insights offered by an overload of data.

Technology may be at the root of the challenge, but it’s technology that offers the solution for the increasingly complex world of marketing. Little surprise, then, that marketing technology is now the largest portion of total marketing budget (29% on average according to Gartner). And, with marketing and technology increasingly intertwined, marketers are having to become ever more intentional about the software they choose.

Join our half day, virtual conference to find out how your business can navigate the complex martech landscape of over 10,000 vendors to build a lean, productive marketing stack, with examples and case studies from some of martech’s fastest growing software companies.

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