The Race to Primary Banking Relationship Status


With over a decade of investment and growth, the UK has become an internationally recognised centre of fintech excellence with an enviable record of nurturing fintech banks.  Yet the reality is that few of the new fintech providers have secured primary banking relationship status with their customers and the traditional banks still dominate.

Despite attracting record numbers of new customers, fintechs are not yet trusted with the ‘heavy stuff’ such as salaries, mortgage payments and pensions.  Meantime many of the established banks, having completed major digital transformation programmes, have addressed the needs and offer many of the benefits fintechs were founded upon.

In this session, we will hear from leading fintech banks as well as the digitally enabled established players. What’s holding fintechs back and how much time they have left to reach primary banking status now that the gap between traditional and new guard is closing?  Are the fintech banks in danger of being nice extras rather than the main event?


Alexandra Frean, Head of Corporate Affairs, Starling Bank
Will Sorby, General Manager UK, N26
Michael Pearson, Founder, Clarus Investments
Chair: Fiona Couper, Business and Marketing Director, Teamspirit

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