Fintechs- Rewriting the marketing rule book in an omnichannel world


In this session we explore how fintechs are changing the marketing rule book.

How can you build a brand, with limited budgets, in an omnichannel world? With the focus on product design and user experience we ask how fintech’s define the right omnichannel balance that delivers awareness, engagement and lead generation? Can you build a brand through only one channel? Are influencers a force for good or a risky strategy? What is the optimal mix and what do you measure?

Panellists from challenger banks to pension and insurance providers will share how their different marketing strategies have adapted as their businesses formed partnerships, raised funds and began to scale.

Join us to hear from the market shakers and the implications for wider financial services marketing.

Neil Costello, Head of Marketing, Atom Bank
Jasper Martens, Chief Marketing Officer, PensionBee
Claire LaRocca, Communications, WealthSimple
Grant Warnock, Brand and Customer Marketing Director, Nutmeg

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