Fintech and the Workplace

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Fintech and the Workplace: Is The Employee Space The New Battle Ground for The Customer?

With the shift in responsibility for pensions and savings - from Government to individuals and therefore employers - how are fintechs bridging the gap and powering new ways of employee engagement?

With insights from technology driven ‘challenger’ brands in pensions, savings and health, together with a Global benefits specialist , we explore the dynamic changes to greater employee engagement.

Join us to debate how workplace-focused providers are helping employers shape themselves around employees’ health and wealth needs, in order to enhance ambition and productivity.

Speakers Include:

Andrew Evans, Founder and CEO, Smart Pension

Samantha Seaton, Chief Executive Officer, Moneyhub

Shri Rengasamy, Principal, Mercer

Andrew Scott, Principal: The R&D Lab, Vitality

Chair: Natalie Orringe, Group Innovation Director, Teamspirit

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