FinTech: Driving sustainable change through responsible lending?


With the lens of ESG firmly at the top of boardroom agendas, this session looks at how FinTech continue to challenge the incumbents through innovation and meeting audience sentiment, this time with the rise of responsible lending and its part in a green led recovery.

From fintech enabled crowd-funding platforms, to smarter credit checks enabling more flexible and transparent loans, we will explore latest FinTech thinking and product development that is putting responsible lending into practice, including those with inclusion, community, and climate at the heart of their approval criteria. With sustainability-linked loans surpassing all previous records, we’ll also assess the new lending options for companies with purpose and commitment to evidence-based targets and how important robust ESG strategies, key performance indicators and proof points are to securing the more beneficial terms.

Come and join the discussion on how FinTech are powering the future of lending to deliver real, sustainable, and authentic change. Register now.


Aneesh Varma, Founder & CEO, Aire
Stacy Clementson, Head of Credit & Underwriting, Fleximize
Chris Gardener, Founder & COO, Atelier Capital Partners
Andrea Reyolds, CEO, Swoop

Chair: Fiona Couper

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