Fintech: An Accountable Marketing Masterclass



How do they do that?  If you’ve been wondering how fintech is delivering marketing that’s both resonant and commercial, then this is the session for you.

With a panel that represents some of the best fintech communications and campaigning platforms out there, we’ll be unpicking how fintech creates accountable marketing.  Driven by purpose these exemplars will shed light on full-funnel marketing along with campaigning causes that are redefining what good marketing looks like.  And with fintech growth through open banking estimated to reach 63.8m people by 2024 you won’t want to miss this.

Relevant to all financial service asset classes, by attending this session you’ll gain a deeper understanding of:

  • The principles of accountable marketing
  • How to make your marketing more digitally-led and social first
  • How to create marketing with the impact that matters
  • The critical metrics that secure recognition across the business
  • Turning attraction into loyalty


Chaired by:

Fiona Couper, Chief Marketing Officer, Teamspirit


  • Jacqueline Dewey, CEO, Smart Money People
  • Tiana Portugal, Marketing Director, Funding Circle
  • Caroline Hurst, Head of Marketing, Tumelo
  • Jenna Armitage, CMO, tulipshare


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