Fintech: Winning the Talent War


With the fundamental shift in power between workers and bosses continuing, in this session we’re talking with employee focused fintech solutions that are creating the right culture for competitive advantage.

With predictions that up to 40% of the global workforce is ready to resign, a record number of 4million UK employees have already upended their work life after the turbulent past two years, which the cost of living crisis is only going to exacerbate. At the same time, the war for talent has pushed starting salaries through the roof, with salaries north of £100k for newly qualified lawyers now commonplace. Along with the hybrid workforce based on a two or three day a week physical presence required, the pressure on businesses to meet employees physical, emotional and financial needs has never been greater. Creating a culture that attracts and retains talent is critical.

Brand is increasingly accepted as being about more than just your external comms, but an all-encompassing culture that pervades the business. In this session we look at the role marketing directors can play in defining their internal culture and what the components to be successful.

Join us to hear from the fintech innovators who are providing accessible, personalised solutions capable of bringing hard and soft companies' values to life, exploring how the ground-breaking solutions are delivering digitally led systems and flagship culture beacons that are proving highly attractive and sticky to talent.


Chaired by:

  • Fiona Couper, Chief Marketing Officer, Teamspirit



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