Doing More with Less


More than ever before, marketers are being asked to 'do more with less,' with the same or even less money available to grow their sales.

Entrepreneurs understand the importance of doing more with less, typically starting a company with limited resources to prove their concept .Often having to start small, looking for creative ways to deliver a bigger bang for their buck.

This is something that Sam Gilbert, Alex Cheatle and Ruth Saunders are only too familiar with. In this session, they will share their real-life insights on 'how to do more with less', including:

  • Creating distinctive and memorable advertising with an amusing tone of voice (unlike competitors)
  • Using cost-efficient focused media on a tightly defined target audience
  • Building a strong brand presence
  • Leveraging effective brand partnerships
  • Creating a compelling reason to act now


Sam Gilbert, Chief Marketing Officer, Bought By Many
Alex Cheatle, Founder, Ten Group
Ruth Saunders, Director, Galleon Blue

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