Do Consumers Value Advice Enough to Pay for it?


We return to The Daily Mail in Kensington to debate the impact of adviser charging on consumers. The countdown to RDR saw a sharp rise in media coverage surrounding the cost of advice. The media has played a key role in explaining these changes to consumers, and in defending the role of qualified advisers, as well as the difference between independent and restricted advisers. But how much of this has sunk in, do consumers recognise the benefit of advice and how are they reacting to their fist experience of adviser charging? The editorial team from Money Mail and This Is Money join us for a panel discussion alongside the marketing head from a leading fund manager.


Speakers Include:

James Endersby, Opinium Research

Brad Young, Mail Connected

Samuel Dunn, Money Mail

Simon Lambert, This is Money

Keith Evins, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

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