Media Spaghetti


How can you unravel the ever-evolving media distribution landscape? From the introduction of new online media channels and technology, to the increased diversity of the traditional publishers – targeting and engagement has never been so complicated. If you manage financial services advertising or content, our forthcoming event will be of interest to you.

Are marketers being seduced by the new media kids on the block? Or are the traditional publishers, the 'information distributors' as they now like to describe themselves, still able to capitalise on traditional strengths of brand, customer engagement, content creation, reach, distribution, authority and credibility?

The emergence of new platforms and the rise of video consumption has certainly affected publishers in ways that couldn't have been foreseen even five years ago.

Can publishers reclaim some of their traditional territory by demonstrating that they have evolved?

Or will Facebook, YouTube and Twitter continue to increase their power and influence?

This event is an opportunity to hear from some of the big media players about what steps they are taking to engage an audience and provide routes to customers.

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