Differentiation vs Distinctiveness


Somewhere in the first chapter of almost every book ever written about brand, you'll find a big emphasis on differentiation.  Being seen to be different, it'll say, is what brands are all about.  But dare we suggest this is wrong - or, perhaps more likely, out of date?  It's over 20 years since Toyota put forward the now-famous view that they'd rather be seen as better than as different.  And certainly if you look at most leading brands in most financial services sectors, it's hard to believe that being seen to be different is their No.1 priority.  In this session our speakers will debate this important - and still-controversial - topic.

Mark Brayton, Marketing Consultant, Former Marketing Director, Barclays
Mark Huxley, Consultant, Huxley Advisory
John Riley, Strategy Director, Corporate & Financial Services, Clear
Chair: Lucian Camp, Brand Consultant, Lucian Camp consulting

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