Dealing with a Digital Brain


The way we consume information has changed dramatically, with the growth of mobile technology. The average attention span reported to last just eight seconds. That means we have done well to keep you interested in this seminar through to the end of this sentence. So how can you adapt your marketing communications in, what is becoming, a word-free and visual world? What is visual culture and how can images and multimedia improve the cut-through of your current communications? We also revisit the skill behind the killer strapline and methods of maintaining your audience?s attention once you capture it.

Speakers Include:

Dominic Traynor, Head of Digital & Direct Marketing, EMEA, BlackRock (Chair)

Jonathan Spooner, Executive Creative Director, Tangible Media

Jacqueline Bourke, Creative Planning Manager, Getty Images

Alan Thorpe, Managing Director, ConversationGlue

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