Consumer Banking: Are We at a Tipping Point?


Open banking is nearing its second anniversary; amid the ebb and flow of challengers, our expert panels will take stock of the retail banking and savings landscape in this half-day event.

Introduction : An overview of the retail banking landscape
Jonathan Tyce, Senior Banks Analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence


Session 1: Retail Banking
Is the hype of open banking a silver bullet for competitive change, and are consumers really up for sharing their data? How important are challenger partnerships with established banks? We look at the winners and losers.
Huw Davies, Ecosystem Development Director, The Open Banking Implementation Entity
Richard Gaze, Client Director, Motif
Alan Walsh, Former Head of Network and Partnerships, Bud
CHAIR: Alastair Pegg, former Marketing Director, The Co-operative Bank


Session 2: Savings
As political and economic uncertainty fuels savings inflows, has competition returned to the deposit market? With new players and savings marketplaces seeing growth, how big a threat are they to traditional banks and building societies? Is it all about rate, or are convenience and service new fronts in the battle for customers?

Brian Brown, Head of Insight - Banking & General Insurance, Defaqto
Kevin Mountford, CEO, Raisin UK
Paul Kenny, Director, Retail Finance Benchmarking, CACI
CHAIR: Alastair Pegg, former Marketing Director, The Co-operative Bank


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