Big Data Workshop


Session One: Getting Started with Big Data

Scott Logie, Strategic Marketing Director, St Ives Group

Could it be possible that the data you are looking for is already inside your business? Or are more lateral solutions needed to drive results? The world of Big Data can be confusing for marketing professionals tasked with compacting it all into a meaningful tool. With so many big ideas and theories being thrown around, it can be challenging to get on-board and know how to drive real advantages for your business. The first practical session will look at how to get started with Big Data by formulating the best questions that need answering in your business ? and sourcing the correct data to answer those questions.

Session Two: How can you use (Big) Data to Deliver Excellent Customer Experiences?

Chris Bryson, BI & Insight Director - Webhelp ?

This session will explore the practicalities of turning data into actionable insights. Chris will also look at how it can be used to improve your customer's experience by considering the following key points; - How big data can be used to drive new insights into how and why customers contact your organisation? - How to decide the next best action to take with a customer - How to embed a consistent communications plan across multiple channels?

Session Three: Big Data for Analytics

Dr Duncan Shaw, Lecturer in Information Systems - Nottingham University Business School

What can Big Data Analytics do commercially for your Business? Dr Duncan Shaw, a leading expert in Big Data, customer loyalty, CRM and service innovation, will guide participants through the new opportunities available to the FS industry and discuss the increased need for personalisation following the retail distribution review. The session will explore the direct benefits of using big data correctly. Dr Shaw will demonstrate this with relevant case studies and third party data examples. The 'Analytical Pathway Equation' will also be explored - a general approach to the implementation of the Analytical Strategy of using data that creates value for you and your customers

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