B-2-B: The Role of Behavioural Science in Business Communication

B-2-B Communication


Marketing to a business audience has different challenges to consumer audiences. Behavioural science has become mainstream in marketing communications with its early adoption and promotion by the Government and the famous ‘Nudge Unit’.

In this session, we ask behavioural scientists and strategic marketeers on how best to apply the science to better understand customer needs as well as your internal and external communications.

Some of the areas we will look at:

  • What are the main differences in B2B to D2C marketing that behaviour scientists identify and how can the B2B world learn and apply new techniques to achieve better outcomes?
  • How can businesses use nudges to win business tenders with business decision-makers, and how do they work in a B2B context?
  • Can humans and businesses be separated to avoid bias?
  • Are nudges the same in B2B as they would work in B2C communications?
  • How can financial advisors be onboarded to use new platforms and dashboards through nudges and avoid errors made by other providers?

Join us to hear how the science of Behavioural Finance can be applied in all your B2B marketing and communications.


Jez Groom, Founder, Cowry Consulting

Phoebe Kent, Senior Behavioural Designer, Cowry Consulting

Jeremy Mugridge, Head of Marketing & Behavioural Science, Quilter

Sarah Christie, Senior Director, Truth Consulting

Tom Morgan, Senior Director, Truth Consulting

Philip Courtenay, Founder, Humans & Money

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