What Role Should Social Media Play in your Strategy?


Social is a road well-travelled, for some but not for others.  And to continue the journey metaphor, has it ended in a single track road or, even worse, a dead end?

In this session we take stock and learn from practical experiences in both the B2B and D2C sectors.

How is social impacting on your business? We will consider the impact on your brand, customer engagement, content distribution, and product sales.

Drawing from our speaker experience of FS brands and lessons from retail brands that encompass FS, this session will go beyond the what, to the why and how.

Speakers Include:

Nick Joy, Social Media Manager, LV=

Liz Faber, Digital Strategist and EU Social Strategy Lead, SapientNitro

Anita Moorthy, Head of International Marketing, Hearsay Social





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