Asset Management – Setting Yourself Up for Digital Transformation Success


According to McKinsey, 67% of digital transformation projects fail. In an industry which has historically been a late adopter of technologies and trends, how can you ensure that your digital transformation projects truly take off?


In this half-day conference, we will take a journey through the lifecycle of a successful digital transformation project, starting from laying the foundations and setting your strategy through to implementation and what a well-executed project looks like. With a series of digital transformation experts, we will cover:

  • Laying the Foundations - Collating your ideas together and setting an ambitious yet realistic strategy, one that you can easily sell to the decision makers in your organisation to secure their support.
  • Keeping it Real - setting regular, achievable goals that can easily be measured, the role of continuous iteration, and the importance of measurable success in keeping team morale high for the duration of the project.
  • The people problem - establishing governance frameworks and internal education drives so that the project outlives the tenure of the person who implemented it, and the team is willing and able to utilise systems post-project.
  • Victory - what success actually looks like, with case study examples of projects across financial services that exemplify the perfect digital transformation project, from beginning to end.


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