Asset Management: Does Content Still Matter?


Is content still an important aspect of asset management marketing, is there a method to the madness of going viral, and is there an oversaturation of undifferentiated content on the market?

Join us for a morning centred around content as we explore its role and purpose in the asset management space. Our morning sessions will cover:


1- Is Content Still King?

With a recent report by Fvenn stating that “asset managers are wasting money on great content too few are reading”, has the reign of content as King come to an end? We’ll delve into the report and dissect whether in 2024 the content landscape is oversaturated, and what might come next for marketers.


2- What Makes Something Resonate?

In today's overly saturated content landscape, how can you break through the noise? From the use of emotional triggers through to enhancing resonance, we’ll learn what it takes to create compelling, relatable content and what lessons could be applied to asset management marketing.




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