Is Asset Management Advertising Failing to Engage with Women?


What steps is the industry taking to ensure the right people are being targeted in the right way?  In particular, are women put off investing by asset managers' marketing communications?  Recent consumer research found that women felt alienated by marketing campaigns for investing which they saw as aimed at wealthy older men.  Despite the growth in female wealth, women are said to be about half as likely to have a stock market ISA as men.  Are asset managers missing out on a major potential market?  How can marketers improve their communications?  Are agencies and creatives on top of this issue?  Our panel of speakers offer their insights and views.


Speakers Include:

Jet Cooke, Head of Marketing - End Investor, Fidelity International (Chair)

Victoria Thrift, Associate Director, Britain Thinks

Ken Muir, Founding Partner, Mohawk

Gina Miller, Founding Partner, SCM Group

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