Always Look on the Bright Side of Life – Rethinking Life Insurance Marketing


The UK protection gap is widening, with the most recent FCA Financial Lives figures revealing that only 29% of adults have life insurance. What can marketers and providers do to close the gap and encourage consumers that they should invest in protection products?

With several obstacles making it difficult for providers to differentiate and engage audiences, such as the need for consumers to think of the long-term or the general discomfort around the topic of death, what are the ways in which marketers can cut through and reach their audience?

For this session we will hear from a selection of life insurance providers who have embraced the challenge of re-engaging their audience. From using humour and bold marketing initiatives through to reframing the way life cover is presented to focus on the positive, our panel of marketeers will share their experiences and key learnings on the steps you can take to engage a disengaged audience.




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