Is Advertising Ageist?


Over 23 million (ONS) people in the UK are over the age of 50.

That’s over 33% of the population, and yet marketing to the over-50s only takes up 5% of the advertising space.  They own 3 times the wealth of the under 50’s and are responsible for injecting 54% into the economy.

Why do so many marketers continue to ignore this market? Why are they missing these millions ?

In this seminar we consider how to optimise your marketing strategies so as not to exclude the over-50s and share best practice on how to actively engage and communicate with this demographic. For those that try, too often the messaging and imagery can be alienating, patronising and cliché-ridden.

Through a mix of presentations and case studies from companies that have successfully tailored their communications to this ever-growing group, this session will deliver great insight into how you can improve your marketing techniques as well as how you can overhaul your wider brand communications to foster engagement through meaningful interaction.



  • Campbell MacPherson, Director, Change & Strategy International Ltd
  • Huw Williams, Global Creative Director, Founding Partner of Left/Field

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