Ad Tech: New Ways to Acquire Customers


What is the future of ad tech in financial services marketing? How can you harness the power of real-time advertising?

Marketing decisions and budget allocation are expected to be much more data driven, but it can sometimes be difficult to separate the signal from the noise.

How can the insurance sector benefit from the advancements in online advertising software solutions?

We examine the impact that real-time advertising can have on your marketing plan; how to find the signal and turn it into an opportunity; and tracking the consumer’s path to conversion through data and insights.

How can improvements in the delivery, display, targeting and control of online ads improve customer acquisition? How can customer data analytics reap significant rewards in renewal, retention and acquisition?

With so much data to deal with, across different channels, what are the future tech solutions that inform and empower marketing and sales?

Speakers include:

Amit Kotecha, Head of Marketing EMEA, Quantcast
Karin Robinson, Associate Director, Social, OglivyOne

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