A Fintech World


What is happening in the Fintech world? Are we really in the middle of a revolution which will see business models change completely?

Financial services have been colliding with technology since the earliest computers. However, the emergence of new technologies had led to claims of an exponential inflection point in the technological impact on the financial services sector.

In this, the first of regular quarterly events looking at the Fintech sector, we hear from a panel of challenger Fintech businesses who are developing, what they believe, will be behaviour-changing products.

Speakers Include:

Rob Sanders, Founder, DOOR Ventures
DOOR is a collaboration between leading fund investors and global asset managers, creating the digital interface to access up-to-date and standardised due diligence information on funds. Rob was previously at Aberdeen Asset Management, where he managed the company’s brand and its exposure to institutional clients in Europe. Rob has over 10 years in the investment management industry and previously worked in marketing for Legal & General Investment Management, Deutsche Asset Management, Russell Investments and the investment management consultancy, Investit. Rob has extensive experience of the UK and European institutional investment landscape.

Dagmara Lacka, Co-Founder and CEO, Boldmind
Dagmara has extensive expertise in digital brand strategy, product positioning and deliver. Over the last decade she has worked across online and offline media in both UK and international markets, bringing in depth strategic experience in the construction and execution of digital strategies for start-ups and blue chip companies, with particular focus on running both internal and external innovation teams.Boldmind was founded in 2012 by leading professionals in technology, robotics and media spaces, with the aim of using our multi-disciplinary knowledge to service clients who were beginning to realise the potential of big data to drive business growth.

Mark Bradbury, Founder and CEO, Apply Financial
A professional squash player in his earlier years, Mark has founded and worked in a number of innovative financial software companies since the late 1980's.  In these roles he has typically built global sales strategies and has successfully negotiated contracts in over 45 countries spread across all corners of the world.  Since 2002 he had also run his own independent consultancy company specialising in mentoring and advising technology companies of all sizes and across many sectors. He particularly loves disrupting mature markets and founded Apply Financial in late 2010 with the aim of simplifying complex payments processes' and data management both on desktop and mobile platforms.

Mark is an avid Twitter user and you can follow him on @markyhamton.










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