Copylab is a creative copywriting and investment-writing agency. Creativity is our passion. And a forensic attention to detail is our vocation. In the lingo, we’re content people. Not ‘content’ as in we’re self-satisfied. But rather, if you need investment content (the noun), we’re the folk to ask.
Our services include fund reporting and copywriting for advertising campaigns, tone-of-voice review, sales aids, white papers, thought-leadership pieces, articles, newsletters and all forms of corporate communications. We also provide support for social-media campaigns, and training and coaching for copywriters. Essentially, we can write and edit across the investment spectrum to create engaging editorial content for all audiences – from retail to institutional, from beginner to industry expert.
Our staff are investment professionals and expert editors. We specialise in writing for financial-services clients, particularly asset managers and pension providers, but we also work for non-financial clients when the opportunities arise. We’re based in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London.


Ross Hunter, Managing Director
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