Product & Service Innovation Awards

Recognising innovation that delivers tangible benefits for customers and providers

Congratulations to our 2020 Winners. Competition was tough this year, but we were inspired by some truly innovative entries. Please click here to find out who this years’ 2020 Awards for Product and Service Innovation are.


We would like to invite you to join us later in the year for our Annual Members’ Dinner at the Guildhall on Tuesday 24 November 2020, where we will present the physical awards, Book a table here.


About the Awards

The importance of innovation in financial services today, and its vital role of engaging and empowering customers, has led to this awards program – recognising innovation in financial services that delivers tangible benefits to both consumer and provider.

These awards focus on the overall impact that innovation has had on the sector and/or consumer, and whether the innovation achieved or exceeded its objectives and goals.



Entries cover two types of innovation – Momentum (taking an existing product or service and improving it) or Disruption (a step change or brand-new product or service). Your entry can be a combination of both, as often happens in practice.

For these awards, we split the entries by the area of innovation rather than market sector.

Product & Service Innovation


The Financial Services Forum Awards for Product and Service Innovation 2020 are now closed. To receive the entry material for the 2021 Awards, please complete the details below.

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