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Since its launch in 2000, The Financial Services Forum has supported the improvement of financial services marketing, through a better understanding of the consumer, the marketplace and marketing performance.

The importance of innovation in financial services, and its vital role in engaging with and empowering customers in the future, has gained increasing momentum since the launch of our Awards for Product & Service Innovation in 2018.

Yet, in many ways, the past year has been a defining moment. With consumers and customers facing unprecedented adversity, marketing and product development teams moved rapidly to meet the requirements of new behaviours and consumer needs; both by launching new features and benefits in existing products, and bringing entirely new solutions to market at record speed.

For many businesses, innovation is no longer just a process or supplement to the core strategy, but a central tenet; a reminder to dig deeper, ask more questions and continuously strive for ongoing transformation across all areas of the business.

As a result, we have rebranded the Awards for Product and Service Innovation as the Awards for Innovation. This reflects the evolving nature of innovation in financial services itself, with the increased scope recognising the importance of organisational innovation, as well as the integral role of marketing and consumer insight in product and service development.

Visit the dedicated awards website here.


Entries cover two types of innovation – Momentum (taking an existing product or service and improving it) or Disruption (a step change or brand-new product or service). Your entry can be a combination of both, as often happens in practice.

For these awards, we split the entries by the area of innovation rather than market sector.

Awards for Innovation


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