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Despite his perennially youthful appearance (???), Lucian has been working in brand, marketing and communications for over 30 years, and specialising in the financial services market for over 20. He started off as a copywriter working on consumer product accounts like Budweiser, Mars and Peugeot, became creative director at a financial agency called Valin Pollen in the mid-eighties and since then has founded two financial agencies: DMB&B Financial, back in 1989; and Tangiblel, originally CCHM, which he founded in 1997. Over the years he has risen up the food chain very slightly, from adman to brand consultant (maybe down the food chain, depending on your point of view). These days he is a one-man-band financial services brand, marketing and communications consultant, and also speaks and writes extensively on financial services brand and marketing topics, not least his almost-legendary back page column in the Forum’s publication Argent.