David Smith

Chief Executive

Global Futures & Foresight

Executive Member

Member since: 01 Jan 2010

Communities: Brand Strategy, Fintech

David is recognised as a leading strategic futurist who combines the experience gained from a 35 year IT and business career with strategic visioning to help organisations better prepare for the future. His career has spanned European and US corporations. He is a much sought after keynote speaker and is the author of many works on embracing change and the drivers of change.
Before establishing Global Futures and Foresight, an independent futures research firm, he created and ran the Unisys internal Think Tank, The Global Future Forum. Prior to this he was head of strategic marketing for their $2bn global financial services business.
David has been engaged by some of the largest and most prestigious firms from around the world including: The European Commission, NATO, BBC and financial services firms including HSBC, Lloyds/TSB, RBS, Lloyds, More Than, e-sure, Travelers, Allianz, QBE and Lloyds syndicates along with many other prestigious firms including CSC, Unisys, Cisco, Microsoft, Siemens, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PWC, Bausch & Lomb, Linpac, Kraft, Heinz, Philips etc. He has worked regularly worked with Acord and has engaged with the FSF on quite a few occasions as well as being a regular lecturer at business schools in Europe.
Global Futures and Foresight is a research and consulting organisation that helps organisations be better prepared to embrace change, innovate and develop new strategies and solutions and helps clients to avoid the risk of being blindsided by external disruptive change.